Graduate Certificate in Business Studies - International (35A1)

The Graduate Certificate in Business Studies is a pathway that offers students without a first degree the opportunity to complete a postgraduate qualification in business and enhance their management skills within a two-year time frame. This course develops advanced skills in academic writing, research, critical thinking and intercultural communication

It is designed to ensure students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed in postgraduate business programs. Students will cultivate their skills in critical thinking and analysis, reflective practice and professional presentation, as well as developing an understanding and knowledge base of contemporary business theory and practices around marketing, accounting and organisational management.

  • Duration: 4 – 5 months (one semester)
  • Location: Hobart’s Sandy Bay Campus (Semester 1, Semester 2, IPC Semester 3)
  • CRICOS Code: 094432J
This Graduate Certificate is ideal for those students who intend to undertake postgraduate coursework programs with the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, but have never studied at university before. It is a qualifying pathway degree for admission to the following degrees:
 Master of Finance
• Master of Professional Accounting

Sample course progression

  • Graduate Certificate in Business Studies Program finishing in May 2024 progress to any Business-related Masters degrees at the University of Tasmmania starting in Semester 2 2025 (mid-June).
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Studies Program finishing in September 2024 or mid-February 2025 progress to any Business-related Masters degrees at the University of Tasmania starting in Year 2 – Semester 1 2025 (mid-February).

Tasmanian School of Business and Economics

Successful completion of the Graduate Certificate of Business Studies – International allows students to enter any Business-related Masters Degree at the University of Tasmania.

The Tasmanian School of Business and Economics is an accredited member of AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), joining an elite group of just 5% of business schools around the globe.

CRICOS Code: 108980F

Finance is at the center of one of the most exciting developments shaping our world. The Master of Finance degree enables you to be a decision maker for the future. The skills you develop will open up valuable and satisfying career opportunities across an incredible range of vocations – corporate chief executives and major institutional investors through to fintech unicorns and private capital entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking for the qualification to start out in the industry, or you are planning to upskill and accelerate your career, the skills and knowledge you attain in this degree will enable you to achieve.

The degree primes you for a long-term career in finance. You will gain a deep knowledge of global markets and the opportunities they create. Your insights will be informed by industry practitioners, exposure to live market information, and contemporary case studies. Practitioner engagement provides a rich experience through industry expert interviews and keynote presentations on current trends in FinTech, Sustainability and Behavioural Insights. Your industry knowledge will be enhanced through local, national and global case studies. Market trading data and real-time financial news will further build your familiarity with global business activity.

The Finance teaching team will facilitate your examination of expert input, current cases and market events through the application of theories, concepts, and market techniques. The teams teaching philosophy emphasises the acquisition of life-long financial knowledge and skills through sharing and building on the diverse experiences of all stakeholders within the course, and to foster empowerment and personal responsibility by encouraging students to challenge the conventional paradigms in finance. The implementation of this philosophy through meaningful connection to real-world conditions has and continues to be extremely successful.

CRICOS Code:  106830C 

Accounting is more than number crunching. Studying accounting with us can take you far beyond the office desk and computer screen – both during your studies and after graduation.

With our practical internships and work experience opportunities, you will engage with Tasmanian industry during your studies, providing real world experience and building connections to help forge your future career.

If you don’t have a formal accounting qualification and want to break into this thriving field, our Master of Professional Accounting is the perfect place to start. You will have various opportunities to gain practical experience through internships via our Work Ready Program (available to students studying at our Launceston campus) and Tax Clinic (available to students studying at our Hobart and Launceston campuses), and our highly qualified industry experts will prepare you for accounting roles all over the world. This course is also ideal for anyone in the industry who wants to upskill and meet the academic requirement of professional accounting qualifications.

A career in accounting is about providing expert consultation and helping businesses with sound judgement and decision making. You could find yourself providing financial advice for an exciting new start up business or advising innovative, sustainable solutions as a climate change accountant.

As future accounting professionals, you also have the power to make a difference to the world in which we live. Accountants are being called upon to ‘be the global voice on climate action’^. From quantifying the financial impact of climate issues, through to ensuring climate reporting meets compliance requirements, accountants are helping to support a worldwide effort to enhance and improve climate change reporting.

^ ‘Climate Action’, International Federation of Accountants, 2021.