Connor Nguyen

My name is Connor, I’m from Vietnam, and I’m taking the Foundation Program – Physical Science course.

Why did you choose to study overseas in Hobart city?

Here are a few reasons that make me want to study overseas; most are good educational environment, the chance to explore the wildlife experience, etc. One of the reasons I chose to live and study in Hobart is the friendly locals; since I came to Tasmania, local people have treated me very friendly. I chose UTASIPC due to its reputation and welcoming events.

Why did you choose your current program?

I’m doing this course to help me prepare for my bachelor degree in Engineering. Being in Tasmania for a period of time has inspired me to work and develop in the Civil side of Engineering.

Can you share with us your recent journey coming (back) to Australia from your home country?

At the time when Covid situation stops people from travelling overseas, luckily, I was in Tasmania before the event. I have been in Tasmania and haven’t got chance to go back to my country due to Covid’s recent situation.

Are you excited about being in Australia to attend the classes after the pandemic eventually?

I’m so glad to be back in class as usual after the pandemic because I could ask for help more often than online study and also a better platform. The teachers are great, they are supporting students with their best as well as organising Zoom calls for people that are still overseas.

Can you describe your everyday schedule for us?

My timetable requires me to attend a class every day, normally starting from 12pm. Usually, after the classes finish, I would go home and do some sports activities with my friends, have a nice afternoon walk, and also work a part-time job.

Would you recommend other students to come to Australia to study rather than attend online courses?

Yes, I would highly recommend that student who are doing the course online to attend the class with the lecturer in order to produce the best result in the final exam.

What are the challenges of studying as an international student?

Challenges for international students probably are the weather difference, language (slang or accent), and cultures different.

What is the most exciting thing you have done in Australia/Tasmania?

Living in Tasmania, the wildlife experience is one of the best experiences that I have done.

What is the next step for you, career-wise and in education?

I’m planning to finish my bachelor degree in four years and then working in the Civil Engineering field.

Your advice for other students who also want to get an overseas education experience?

For students who are interested in overseas education, my advice is never to underestimate yourself and be motivated to overcome the differences when you first study overseas.

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