Pritha Shrestha

My name is Pritha Shrestha. My nationality is Nepalese. I am studying at the University of Tasmania. I am currently enrolled in International First Year Diploma – Science (ICT) in the first semester.

Why did you want to study overseas in Hobart city?

I have always been a curious person and I wanted to experience to gain education beyond my home country. So, I researched about the places and university I could study, and I narrowed it down to UTASIPC in Hobart. Hobart is a beautiful place filled with nice people and the weather is also moderate.

Why University of Tasmania International Pathway College?

The reason I chose to study in UTASIPC is because it includes the course I am interested in, and the education environment is also good. The quality of education they provide is the best.

Why did you choose your current program?

Modern technologies always amazed me, and I wanted to be part and contribute to this field of Information Communication and Technology (ICT). I want to become a Software developer and this program will help me become a good one.

What makes you decide to study overseas during Covid?

I had planned to go overseas and study while I was studying at high school. I made it one of my dreams so, I had to achieve it. There were some challenges due to Covid, but I overcame it.

Can you share with us your recent journey coming (back) to Australia from your home country?

The journey coming to Australia from my home country is interesting. I arranged documents required for the process to arrive here. Due to Covid, my visa process took more time than it was meant to be but overall, it turned out great. During the whole process, UTAS was supportive had helped me in every step.

Are you excited about being in Australia to attend the classes after the pandemic eventually?

I am excited about being in Australia to attend the classes because it helps me get one step closer to my dream of becoming a software developer. I am excited to study in a new environment and work with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

How are you finding the learning experience on campus?

The experience I am getting on campus is great. The education environment motivates me to be better. Teachers are very professional, and their way of teaching is very good. I feel supported by teachers. They are always there to help us in our study.

Can you describe your everyday schedule for us?

I am attending university four days a week. The schedule is perfect for me, it gives me time to revise my course, do assignments and enjoy some free time as well. During my free time, I do arts, revise the course, and practice programming.

Would you recommend other students to come to Australia to study rather than attend online courses?

Yes, I absolutely recommend other students to come to Australia to study rather than attend online courses. If you come to Australia and attend physically you will be able to get to know the environment and cultures of Australia. You will be able to interact with teachers face to face and attend programs the campus organizes and be involved with campus activities in the best possible way.

What are the challenges of studying as an international student?

There will obviously be some challenges. For me personally, it took me some time to be used to the environment. I also had some problem with language as I am not familiar with the way native Australian speaks but I overcame those challenges.

What is the most exciting thing you have done in Australia/Tasmania?

The most exciting thing I have done in Tasmania is I went to the beach and enjoyed the view sitting there until it was dark.

What is the next step for you, career-wise and in education?

The next step for me is to complete my bachelor’s degree in ICT. I dream to get a job in recognized company as a software developer. I would like to put my full effort and make the best use of my education.

Your advice for other students who also want to get an overseas education experience?

Overseas education experience feels a little scary and difficult but it’s not that way. It helps you to see the world in different perspective. It helps you expand your knowledge even more and get to learn in different environment. You will learn to interact with various kind of people. If you are thinking of overseas education, I would say do it.

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Pritha Shrestha





International First Year Diploma –Science



Bachelor of Information andCommunications Technology at the University of Tasmania

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