Muhammad Abdullah

This is Muhammad Abdullah. I go by my last name so you can call me Abdullah. I am all the way from Pakistan here studying at the University of Tasmania Sandy Bay campus. I am undertaking International First Year Diploma – Science at UTAS International Pathway College.

Why did you want to study overseas in Hobart city?

There are multiple reasons to study overseas. Coming from a developing country to experience and learn from an environment like Australia played an integral role in my decision making. I chose Hobart city particularly because I had prioritized University of Tasmania and the program is being offered here in Hobart for international students.

Why University of Tasmania International Pathway College?

I had to undertake a one year diploma in IPC because Pakistan’s government education system is not directly recognized my many Australian institutes. But I go directly into year 2 after this so it is more or less not very important.

Why did you choose your current program?

I chose IT particularly because of its ever growing scope in the industry and I have always been a science student. I have yet to progress to year 2 from IPC. But so far things are going really great as the staff is cooperative and students are recognized individually, and the staff helps me a lot on my problems. Hopefully you will find me at the main campus in year 2 of Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology.

What makes you decide to study overseas during Covid?

I guess going overseas was always my priority. I wanted to experience the outside world and explore as much as I can. Covid particularly did not alter my decisions in any sense because with all due respect to the pandemic and where I believe we should take all protective measures, I do not think we should stop enjoying life or stop ourselves from going and achieving big.

Can you share with us your recent journey coming (back) to Australia from your home country?

It has been quite a journey but it did not feel unusual because I had it planned and going on again and again in my mind for over 2 years. Coming to Australia and experiencing its beauty in all ways seems like a prophecy for me being fulfilled.

Are you excited about being in Australia to attend the classes after the pandemic eventually?

For sure I am excited, and after taking classes for over 2 months now, I would say that the education system is a lot easier and there is a lot less stress here as compared to. It is amazing how everyone is so supportive here.

How are you finding the learning experience on campus?

The learning experience is so streamlined. I am a fan of technology when it is efficient and consumer friendly and personally saying, the resources this institute has put in making a good and technologically advanced learning environment is so mesmerizing. The teachers have been extremely supportive and approachable.

Can you describe your everyday schedule for us?

I haven’t developed a solid routine yet to be honest. But on a good day, I would wake up early, try to do any pending work from last night, grab a bite and head to school. After school I would go for work and if I have no work then you can find me hanging out with my friends.

Would you recommend other students to come to Australia to study rather than attend online courses?

I personally believe that physical education is the way to the future and there needs to be a lot of improvement for online education to be as effective, plus many things cannot be taught in an acceptable manner in online mode of education. Also online education does sound like comfortable and from the ease of your own bedroom but there’s no fun in it and people miss out a lot of campus fun. So, students should come to Australia and enjoy there studies on campus.

Do you live in a homestay/accommodation organised by the university?

Yes, I am living in student accommodation and the process to get it was super smooth. The experience has been so far good. I have got the opportunity to socialize with a lot of people and learn a lot of new things. I got to learn ping pong so if any one is up for a challenge come find me!

Did you win any scholarships?

 I got the Tasmanian International Scholarship. I was automatically assessed for it.

What are the challenges of studying as an international student?

Personally apart from getting a good job and making a definite good living, there haven’t been any major challenges for me. But I believe language barrier is the most common issue students face when studying abroad.

What is the most exciting thing you have done in Australia/Tasmania?

I drove to Mount Wellington in the last hours of midnight and that was something.

What is the next step for you, career-wise and in education?

I want to complete my degree and gain as much skill as possible because IT is a demanding field, so I must constantly challenge myself to go big in this industry.

Your advice for other students who also want to get an overseas education experience?

Don’t overthink it. Go with your heart and if you have what it takes to overcome these tiny challenges, greatness awaits you.

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Muhammad Abdullah




International First Year Diploma –Science


Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology at the University of Tasmania

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